Mark Hamon

Senior Systems Engineer

Mark has been with the CMU Australia campus from its inception, assisting in the initial set-up of its IT infrastructure in 2006. Since then, he has been a valued member of CMU with his evaluations and recommendations of wireless systems, and SAN and VM host infrastructure for campus deployment.

He was part of the team who helped expand CMU-A’s IT system to support a multi-tenant environment in the Torrens Building. More recently, Mark has been crucial in the relocation and reconfiguration of classroom AV facilities; studio-building to support interactive webcasts for over 1000 participants; rapid deployment of remote stations for COVID-19 teaching requirements; audio improvements to classrooms for hybrid delivery; management and migration of class recordings to cloud services; and providing support and guidance for online synchronous delivery to faculty.

Prior to CMU, Mark worked as Network Operations Officer at the DECS-Technology School of the Future and at the DECS-Marden Senior College.