Tiong Kiong Lim

Teaching Professor, Finance and Public Policy


Dr. Lim earned his bachelor's degree in economics with honors from University Malaya and a Master of Business Administration from University Putra Malaysia. He received his Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He also obtained a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GCHE) from Monash University.

Dr. T.K. Lim was a senior corporate executive in the finance and securities industry for sixteen years prior to joining the higher education sector. He had held various managerial positions ranging from branch manager, regional manager, to vice-president of public listed companies. He had been a private investment manager/dealer serving high-net-worth individuals across Asia Pacific and Europe regions.

Dr. Lim is a member of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants Australia, the American Finance Association and the Asian Finance Association.

Dr. Lim is interested in the research areas of financial forecasting, investment analysis and portfolio management, asset valuation, issues in banking sector, and financial education.

Dr. Lim enjoys teaching numerous finance-related courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He had taught Corporate Finance, Managerial Finance, Financial Management, Investment Analysis and Management, Portfolio Theory and Management, Advanced Investment Valuation, International Banking and Finance, Asian Banking and Finance, Finance and Banking Relations as well as Business in Asia. Besides teaching in the Australian tertiary institutions, he also taught extensively in universities across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Switzerland.

As the Discipline Leader in finance and the Course Coordinator of finance courses, Dr. Lim has developed many courses for MBA programs, Master of Applied Finance program as well as Master of Banking and Finance program. He also developed specialized courses tailored to the specific needs of organizations as well as courses accredited by professional bodies.

Selected Publications

“Do Structural Breaks Affect Bank Interest Rate Adjustment in Asia Pacific Region?” Proceedings of the 18th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference 2005 (with A. Marsh)

“New Evidence on Price Impact of Analyst Forecast Revisions” International Review of Financial Analysis, 13 (2): 161-190, 2004 (with H.C. Kong)

“Teaching the Introductory Accounting Course - Student Perceptions and Expectations” AAA Mid-Atlantic Region Annual Meeting Email Abstracting Journal 2004. (with G. Tickell)

“Accurate Prediction of Analyst Forecast Revisions and Stock Returns in the Emerging Malaysian Market: EPS versus Non-EPS Variables”. Global Business and Finance Review 8 (1): 61-75, 2003 (with M. Ariff and M. Skully)

“Information-relevance of Analyst Expectations: Evidence from Forecasts of Earnings and Cash Flows”. Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies, 40 (1-2): 61-88 (2003) (with M.Ariff and M. Skully)

“Perfect Foresight of Analyst Forecast Revisions and Stock Returns: EPS versus Non-EPS Forecasts” Proceedings of the APFA/PACAP/FMA Conference, Tokyo, Japan, 2002 (with M. Ariff and M. Skully)

“Do Analysts’ Earning Forecast Disclosures Affect Share Prices in the Emerging Malaysian Share Market?” Proceedings of the APFA/PACAP/FMA Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2001 (with M.Ariff and M. Skully)


PhD, Finance, Monash University, Australia, CMA, MBA, B.A.(Econ) Honors, Graduate Certificate in Higher Education