Zbigniew Zdziarski

Adjunct Faculty
  • Australia

Dr Zbigniew “Zig” Zdziarski has been working and researching in Computer Vision since 2004 when for his Honours project at the University of Adelaide, he looked into designing a vision system for a soccer-playing robot. Since that time, his passion for this field and computer science in general, has taken him around the world to places like Ireland (where he obtained his PhD in CV at Trinity College Dublin), Austria, and Poland.

He has lectured on topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Programming. Recently, Zig was hired as a consultant in AI in Sydney during which time he worked on projects for major banks, retailers, and insurance companies. He is also Google certified as a Data Engineer Professional and a Data Engineer Trainer.

Outside of IT, Zig enjoys reading philosophy (he has a Master’s degree in philosophy) and running his own blog on computer vision.

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