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CMU-Australia launched a new virtual event platform, “Red Ladders”, to encourage alumni in different parts of the world to return to the campus virtually and share their success, knowledge and inspiration with students and each other. ‘Red Ladders’ events highlight how the master’s degrees at CMU-A have changed the careers of graduates and propelled them into new and interesting ventures. While all CMU-A alumni have their own ‘red ladder’, all share the passion to solve difficult problems and seek to make the most of the skills gained at CMU-A. Their career ladders have been truly transformational.

Red Ladders: A virtual platform for sharing CMU-A alumni success

Importantly, the experience gained from the career success of alumni provide insights and lessons for current students. Alumni and students will also be able to develop linkages for future career opportunities. The diversity of the career journeys of alumni can also be strengthened through the cross-fertilisation of innovative ideas and there will also be opportunities for partnerships to developed.

CMU-A is proud of the success that our alumni have achieved since developing a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and networks during their time at the university. Through this platform, CMU-A will encourage and support Alumni as they continue to climb to new heights.

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Red Ladders launch featuring Marco Salinas

Marco Salinas

Co-Founder and CEO of Hubble, Information Technology Management Graduate (MSIT 2013)

Marco Salinas is Co-founder and CEO of Hubble, a Construction-Tech company that is setting out to transform the “building journey” into a more sustainable experience.

Hubble is a spin-off company from SUHO - an Energy Efficiency enterprise that drives Australia into a more sustainable built environment. At SUHO Marco was responsible for developing digital tools for energy efficiency compliance and environmentally sustainable design.

Now with the use of Artificial Intelligence, Marco leads an international team to make sustainable design more accessible than ever before.

He holds a Master’s degree in IT from Carnegie Mellon University and a certification of Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies from Stanford University. Originally from Mexico City, he is passionate about sustainability and a strong believer that with the use of technology we can manage climate change and reduce our ecological footprint.

In his spare time, Marco enjoys attending to hackathons and scooting around the hills of Mclaren Vale with his daughter.

Learn more about Hubble at
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