Student Representative Committee

The Student Representative Committee (SRC) is a voluntary program open to all CMU-A students. The SRC is the voice of the student body and acts as a conduit between students and university administrators. The SRC provides suggestions and feedback to the university administration, and develops and implements activities to improve campus life.

Role of Student Representative Committee

The SRC duties include

  • Gather feedback from students in regards to campus life
  • Organise and coordinate campus events
  • Discuss high-level strategic issues with faculty related to programs and academic requirements
  • Improve and enhance student lifestyle

Contact the SRC

You can send your email enquiry to

Meet the Student Representative Committee

Front row, left to right:
Gautham Vedam (Secretary for Events), Murlidhar Sharma (Secretary for Finance), Aashi Gupta (Secretary for Academic Affairs) Jennifer Pacatang (Secretary for Administration), Sravani Baswaraj (Secretary for Student Services)

Back row, left to right:
Chunlin (Louis) Chen (Secretary for Student Relations), Merika De La Pena (Secretary for Student Relations), Himanshu Arora (Vice President), and Peter Francisco (President), Alisha Sherakar (Media Officer), Brittany Pruitt (Secretary for Community Affairs), Ayush Malik (Secretary for Student Wellbeing).

Not Pictured:
Shaoqing (Peter) Zhang (Associate Event Coordinator)