Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program is a voluntary program open to all CMU-A students. The program is aimed at students who share their passion towards CMU and would like to share their knowledge and experience with prospective students. They serve as the university’s brand ambassadors and assist in the marketing and outreach of the university to the community. The program aims to give our students professional development opportunities including communications, student engagement, event management and marketing.

Role of Student Ambassador

The Ambassadorial duties include

  • Assisting in recruitment events (online and offline information sessions)
  • Providing accurate information about CMUA to prospective students (via email and/or social media).
  • Contributing to university’s website, social media and promotional collateral through photos, videos or written testimonials.
  • Participating in focus groups and/or market research.

What makes a good Student Ambassador?

The Student Ambassador should possess the following characteristics

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commitment, perseverance and dependability
  • Good organisational skills
  • A positive approach and influence

How can I contact a Student Ambassador?

You can send your email enquiry to

Meet the Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are existing CMU-A students who are here to help with questions you have about studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Australia. This is a great way to find out from someone just like you about their study experience at CMU Australia. 

Here are your Carnegie Mellon Student Ambassadors for 2017-2018. 

Angela Guo

MISM Global, China

"Hi Everyone, my name is Angela and I am from the MISM-Global 21 Months program. Born in Zhuhai, China, I was previously studying Psychology at DePauw University and doing product marketing at Atlassian before starting here. Only a few months in, I have been more than amazed at the technical depth MISM has exposed me to. I am fanatical about Bachata and will not stop talking about the dance if you ask me. Try me." 

Arihant Jain

MISM Global, India

"I was born and raised in the City of Destiny - Visakhapatnam, India. I went on to study computer science engineering, and  have worked with e commerce and digital healthcare innovation Startups in different capacities. There is nothing more addictive than being a part of a startup that’s embarking on a journey to be a more established one.

I am a promoter of quality education for all, an enthusiastic mountaineer, adventitious traveler, hobbyist photographer and a soccer fanatic. After graduation, I aspire to move into the space of data analytics and consulting that aim to solve the real-world problems."

Hafsa Mariam

MSPPM, India

"Born and bred in India’s Garden City, Bangalore, I grew up on a steady diet of filter coffee, sticky toffee, and comic atrophy. Look closely and you’ll likely find a soul made of dosas and a spirit that sings sunshine (hey, I’m Indian). Before arriving at CMU, I spent six years at Goldman Sachs, where I spent my days navigating derivative calculations and admiring my reflection on the computer screen.

I’ve always harboured a deep love for travel and food and I suppose that’s what brought me down under. So far, it’s been amazing and I’m hoping that my time here unfolds new, exciting experiences that I can meticulously chronicle on my Instagram feed. After I graduate with a Master of Public Policy, I aspire to work at a multilateral organisation that will offer me new insights and new learning.

I believe that being a campus ambassador can offer me a valuable window to both students and industry, which I promise to leverage effectively."

LaChrista Douglas

MSPPM Global , United States

"I am an alumna of the University of Florida where I studied Political Science and Criminology. After graduating, I became a Teach for America Corps Member, teaching middle and high school Mathematics in Mississippi public schools. After completing that journey, I interned for a lawyer and I decided that my future plans to attend law school were TBA (if ever).

Instead, I decided that I wanted to help heal the wounds of society by becoming more culturally and politically aware of issues as well as exploring how to solve them using complex data analysis tools. There was no better place to accomplish this than to attend Carnegie Mellon University in Australia. I plan to implement these skills either by working in government or organizing grassroots and community initiatives."

Rachel Yan

MISM Global, China

"Student. Coffeeholic. Half of a make-up artist. Cool girl. Made in China. People of my age may struggle with jobs, relationship or marriage, but I’m still figuring out how to survive CMU-A and get enough sleep."

Sivakorn Potisuntorn

MISM Global, Thailand

"I am the one and only Thai student in this batch! Recently, I have graduated from Information and Communication Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Information system has been my favorite since I was anundergrad. I love how the combination of business and technology can create a massive value to our society nowadays.

It's also an excellent opportunity for me to be a part of Carnegie Mellon University and earning invaluable experiences throughout coursework and activities.  I'm always looking forward to contributing my knowledge to make the impact to communities. My favorite hobby is photography.

Please feel free to check out my photos :) "

Wenjun Zhang


"I am from Shanghai, China and am mainly responsible for interacting with prospective students on Chinese social platform. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence and plan to pursue further studies in this area after my graduation. If you have any questions about Carnegie Mellon University in Australia, feel free to contact with me. My Instagram is “wenjunatcmu” and my LinkedIn is Wenjun(Eden) Zhang."