Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program is a voluntary program open to all CMU-A students. The program is aimed at students who share their passion towards CMU and would like to share their knowledge and experience with prospective students. They serve as the university’s brand ambassadors and assist in the marketing and outreach of the university to the community. The program aims to give our students professional development opportunities including communications, student engagement, event management and marketing.

Role of Student Ambassador

The Ambassadorial duties include

  • Assisting in recruitment events (online and offline information sessions)
  • Providing accurate information about CMU-A to prospective students (via email and/or social media).
  • Contributing to university’s website, social media and promotional collateral through photos, videos or written testimonials.
  • Participating in focus groups and/or market research.

What makes a good Student Ambassador?

The Student Ambassador should possess the following characteristics

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commitment, perseverance and dependability
  • Good organisational skills
  • A positive approach and influence

How can I contact a Student Ambassador?

You can send your email enquiry to

Meet the Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are existing CMU-A students who are here to help with questions you have about studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Australia. This is a great way to find out from someone just like you about their study experience at CMU Australia.

CMU-A Ambassadors 2018-2019

  • Sayeesha Sridhar (Info Systems Management), Student and Alumni Engagement
  • Rutvi Sutaria (Info Systems Management), Brand Storytelling and Writing
  • Troy Li (Information Technology Management), Multimedia Production
  • Agnieszka Malkowska (Public Policy and Management), Social Media Management
  • Helen Deng (Info Systems Management), Social Media Management
  • Aman Agarwal (Information Technology Management), Social Media Management

Aman Agarwal

Information Technology Management, India

Born in Delhi and brought up in Mumbai, I am a perfect example of how to avoid heated debates over which city is better. An Engineers degree and 2 years as a software developer has catered to the nerd in me, so sleepless nights and coffee overdose are just a few of my favourite things.

I've reached CMU-A with an aim of bringing the most out of my abilities. And the best takeaway from this journey would be human interactions that I will get to make. So, here I am as your student ambassador to tell everyone their CMU-A story.

Kailun Deng

Info Systems Management, China

Hi everyone, my name is Kailun Deng and I am from China. I enjoy a wide range of interests and hobbies, for example, fashion, make-up, math, and programming.

I am mainly responsible for sharing information about CMU-A on Chinese social media platforms, such as Weibo and WeChat. I love Weibo and I call it the fountain of happiness on my school days, since there are many fun people to chat with and interesting news to view on Weibo. Every day I spend some time browsing it.

Ziang Li

Information Technology Management, China

Ziang Li is currently studying Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) in Carnegie Mellon University Australia. He is also a young entrepreneur, as well as the founder of online ticketing system for concert and event management. Ziang is deeply involved with the multicultural and business societies in Australia with more than 5 years’ experience.   

As a part of his overseas study, the community works allow him to represent the international students’ voice to the University, Government and local companies. Ziang’s next target is to help more international students to have a better understanding of the multi-culture in Australia.

Agnieszka Malkowska

Public Policy and Management, Australia

Hey there, my name is Agnieszka.

My passion lies in making a difference through applying structured analytic techniques to analysing, understanding and solving complex operational and strategic problems.

With undergraduate degrees in psychology and media and post graduate studies in criminal intelligence, I have worked as an analyst for over a decade in various departments of the South Australian government.

When I’m not in front of a computer, you can find me scuba diving in the seas and underwater caves all around the world. I love spending time in the great outdoors, hiking, camping and exploring with my family.

I believe in continuous learning and improvement, which is why I am currently completing my Masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University Australia.

Sayeesha Sridhar

Info Systems Management, India

Travel enthusiast | Foodie | Instagram addict

I was brought up in Mumbai, the ‘City of Dreams’ with a constant diet of filter coffees and vadapavs (What? I am a TamBrahm Mumbaikar). I went on to study Electronic Engineering before arriving at CMU-A to pursue my Global MISM degree. Here at CMU-A, I am just another student- deprived of sleep and addicted to coffee.

I am thrilled to be a Student Ambassador at CMU-A and embark on this journey to bolster student and alumni relations while gaining invaluable experiences. I look forward to interacting with my amazing co-students and alumni at beautiful events that I can dress-up for, and religiously capture on my Instagram.

Rutvi Sutaria

Info Systems Management, India

Aspiring writer, doodle-maker and a kid trying to figure out adulthood! I’m embarking on a journey, as the Brand Storytelling Student Ambassador, to represent our small but incredible community of Carnegie Mellon University in Australia.

I did my undergrad in Computer Science Engineering from India. I am currently pursuing MISM Global program and am fascinated by the invincible combination of technology and management.

Award-winning faculty, diverse community and challenging courses makes CMU-A unique. I strongly believe in our abilities and wish to showcase our accomplishments to the world."