DEFINITION: Con·vo·ca·tion (kon"vo-kA'shun)

n. “The act of assembling people, especially the members of a college or university.”

Convocation is a regular forum in which students have an opportunity to discuss and learn about a variety of issues. Sessions feature guest speakers, including those who lead organisations, analyse and develop policy as well as those who innovate in the fields of Information Technology and Public Policy and Management. As a student at Carnegie Mellon in Australia, you are required to attend convocations throughout your studies.

2016 Convocation Program

PresenterConvocation Title
Vivek KundraLeading Innovations in the Public Sector
Steven OkunEconomic and Investment Trends and Opportunities in Asia Pacific
Dr Rema PadmanService Innovations in Public Health Using Big Data
Peter AhulAdelaide Smart City
David MorfesiWill Trade Get Trumped? U.S. Anti-Trade Rhetoric and the Future of a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific
Prof Steve WesselinghLessons for international institutions from the global responses to HIV
Marco BaccantiGlobal Trends and Healthcare Innovations: What it means for Business and Government
The Hon Kevin FoleyPolicy Lessons from the Coal Face

2015 Convocation Program

PresenterConvocation Title
Andrew ReedFinding Jobs in Australia
Major General John Frewen, AMStrategic Leadership and Planning - Military Perspective
MP Steven MarshallOpportunities and Challenges to Enhance Development of SA
Dr Leanne ReadYour future career has probably not been invented yet
Assoc Prof Gustavo RohdeData Analytics and Applications in Health
Anne GalePolicy in Action - taking it to the street
Lord Mayor Martin HaeseFuture of Adelaide