Student Stories

Our vibrant community consists of students from over 28 countries and cultures, creating a unique and rewarding experience for students.  Find out why they have chosen to study their program with us, here at Carnegie Mellon Australia and what their experiences are like living and studying in Adelaide. Here are just some of their stories.

Xi 'Grace' Zhu

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management student

The community is very diverse - we have students from the States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Argentina, China, South Asia and Africa. During the discussions in our policy class we often hear first-hand information about these countries. The diverse perspectives have given me a lot of enlightenment.

Dr Pallave Dasari

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management student

Carnegie Mellon University is an internationally recognised university and the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management has an excellent reputation.  The high standard and reputation is the reason I chose CMU for my postgraduate career training in policy and management.

Anuj Chopra

Master of Science in Information Technology student

Carnegie Mellon University has completely opened up the telecom and finance domains for me and demonstrated how IT helps businesses in these domains. After six months into the course, it is clearly visible to me that it will prepare me for Chief Information Officer positions in the future.

Teck Jan Low

Master of Science in Information Technology student

My peers in CMU come from all over the world and bring all sorts of skills with them. Working on projects with them is one of the best ways to learn new things quickly and understand their work culture.

Melissa Burns

Master of Information Systems Management (Global) student

“As a returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, I wanted to find a university and program that had a Peace Corps relationship.  Because Carnegie Mellon is ranked as one of the top universities for Information Systems Management, it was a top choice as well as an easy decision for me to make when comparing with other offers. The small class sizes has allowed me to get to know students and staff on a more personal level than if I had started out in Pittsburgh.  The opportunity to study in Adelaide is also pretty amazing.”

Rinku Sinha

Master of Information Systems Management (Global) student

“My experience at CMU-A thus far has provided a wealth of knowledge and practical skills applicable in the workplace. The one thing that I enjoy the most is working with classmates from all across the world. This exposure to different cultures and languages confers a global perspective and helps to build a strong diverse community. Carnegie Mellon University's Master in Information Systems Management program offers a unique blend of technology, business, and management, which perfectly aligns with my career goals, and it will have a lasting impact on my professional career.”