An American Degree. A Global Education.

Students will graduate with a Carnegie Mellon University degree. Your degree is accredited and recognised in both the United States and Australia. You will be inspired by a highly qualified faculty, drawing from the expertise held across the CMU global network.

Teaching Methods

Carnegie Mellon University in Australia embodies connect, collaborate and create (C3) as a core philosophy. Its faculty go back and forth between campuses and students get the benefits of faculty from different parts of CMU's global footprint.

A variety of teaching methods are employed across courses and programs including seminars, lectures and case study discussions. A course outline is provided to all students at the beginning of each course and indicates how the course is structured, the learning outcomes, the work requirements and how the course will be assessed. Classes are scheduled to meet for three hours per week. Some classes may include an additional review session each week.

Our world class faculty is drawn from various CMU campuses, with face-to-face teaching delivered by our Adelaide-based and Pittsburgh faculty, and some classes taught by faculty in Pittsburgh, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C via video conference.


Depending on the program and course, there is usually a mixture of assessment methods. Most courses utilise a continuous form of assessment which includes assignments, essays, group discussions, presentations and a final examination.

Grading Scales

The university uses a 4-point grading scale as follows:

A-Very Good3.67Yes
CVery Poor2.00Yes
C-Minimal Passing1.67Yes
D, RFailing0No

Independent Study

Independent study and directed reading courses allow for one-on-one interaction between a professor and a student. These courses allow you the flexibility to direct your own coursework. It is a faculty member’s discretion whether to take on an independent study or not, therefore independent studies are generally built upon mutual interests of the student and faculty member. You and the professor should agree in advance on a program of study and a method of evaluation. The number of course units should equal the expected number of hours per week required during the semester.

To receive approval for an independent study course, you must submit an Independent Study Contract to the faculty advisor accompanied by a memorandum which describes the plan for this independent study or directed reading course, and includes the number of units to be earned and the outcome of the independent study (i.e., a paper or series of papers, etc.). The faculty advisor must sign the petition and the memorandum. These should be submitted to the Senior Director of Academic and Institutional Development prior to beginning your study; without this memo, you will not receive credit for this course. Independent study courses may only be directed by full-time faculty at CMU-A unless permission is received in advance from the Senior Director of Academic and Institutional Development.

Industry Projects

Students are involved in a range of industry-based projects with both government and private organisations during their studies. These projects provide students with the skills necessary for structuring, managing, and carrying out projects within an organisation.


Some programs at the university require an internship, generally those programs that are 21 month track. If you are in that track, you will be supported by the university in your efforts to locate a suitable internship. The internship allows you to gain a better understanding of the practical challenges facing today’s institutions, adding greater depth of knowledge and experience to an already robust degree.


A convocation is a regular forum in which students have an opportunity to discuss and learn about a variety of issues. Sessions feature guest speakers who are leaders in their respective fields. Students are required to attend convocations throughout their studies.

Full-Time / Part-Time Study

Full-Time Study

The number of units a student takes in any study period depends upon the program and enrolment status. Individual circumstances may dictate a heavier or lighter course load but typically a full-time course load is between 42-60 units per study period. International students need to be enrolled full-time to comply with the conditions of their student visa and ensure completion of the program is within the duration stated on the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Part-Time Study

Typically, a part-time student will take between 12-30 units per study period depending on individual circumstances.

Graduate Employability

Our graduates are highly sought after, with Carnegie Mellon University ranked:

  • No. 10 in a 2010 Wall Street Journal survey of the Top 25 U.S. universities favoured by graduate recruitment agencies
  • No. 1 in specialty area of Information Technology and Management (2016 Graduate Rankings US News & World)
  • No. 8 in specialty area of Public Policy Analysis (2016 Graduate Rankings US News & World)

Our graduates work for some of the top employers and organisations in Australia, the US and internationally upon graduation often seeking new careers or advancing in their current organisations in more senior positions. Some of these organisations include - Microsoft, Google, Amazon, KPMG, Facebook, IBM, PwC, LinkedIn, Fujitsu, South Australian Government, Deloitte, eBay, Boeing and General Motors to name a few.