Information Technology Management


Carnegie Mellon University’s Information Technology/Information Systems Management programs are consistently ranked among the world's elite in information technology and information technology management. We have firmly cemented our presence in the global technology marketplace as a thought leader and reliable provider of outstanding graduates for leading organizations.

To truly gain value from technology, you will require a good understanding of how technology interacts with business processes, strategy, and policy. Our curriculum is unique from our competition because we integrate these disciplines into a coherent area of study. Our degree programs are designed to shape you into a cutting-edge tech innovator while our objective is to help you land a superior job. You'll learn from a variety of brilliant scholars and seasoned practitioners eager to prepare you to lead enterprises in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

During this journey of discovery, you'll be educated in CMU’s interdisciplinary graduate school tradition. You'll be trained as analytical problem solver and add immense value to organizations and society through the intelligent application of technology.

Learning Outcomes

At completion of the information technology/information systems management program, you will be able to competently:

  • Design, document and develop robust, extensible and highly maintainable data-intensive applications using cutting edge technologies tailored to the specific needs of any business scenario
  • Explain and apply the core aspects of information technology principles and tools, and manage their implementation in a business context
  • Understand and facilitate the strategic and operational benefits of business models and technology applications
  • Manage complex IT projects with consideration of the human, financial and environmental factors and an understanding of risk management processes, and operational and policy implications
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of current technologies and apply them intelligently to meet the needs of each application
  • Apply their practical experience in IT projects developed through assessment projects for real world clients focussing on technology auditing and recommendations, and system development
  • Utilise high level interpersonal skills to negotiate and communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical stakeholders verbally and in writing.


As a CMU information technology/information systems management graduate, you can assume positions such as business analyst, data analyst, business intelligence analyst, financial analyst, application developer, software engineer, enterprise architect, IT consultant and systems analyst roles and move into managerial roles as your career progresses. Senior positions include Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Solutions Consultant.

Course Exemption

If you have a strong background in any of the core courses, you can receive an exemption either by passing an exemption exam administered during your orientation program or through successful completion of comparable coursework during your undergraduate studies. Exempting a course doesn't reduce the required number of courses you must complete but instead allow you to choose additional elective courses to expand your knowledge base and further tailor your program.

Class Profile

Carnegie Mellon University, Australia’s first international institution, is as diverse as the span of campuses around the world. Just like our diversity in locations, we pride ourselves on classroom diversity — students and staff in Australia come from multiple backgrounds, offering a world of networking and new friendships to be had at CMU.

Data based on the last 4 years

Information Technology Management Programs at CMU-A

Tracks offered in Australia

MSIT-ITM 12-Month Track

Duration 12 months full-time / 2 to 3 years part-time
Location Adelaide
Professional Work Experience 3 or more years
Intakes August, January

MSIT-ITM 21-Month Track

Duration 21 months full-time
Location Adelaide
Professional Work Experience Not required
Internship Required
Intakes August, January

MSIT-ITM (Information Security Specialisation)

Duration 12-month and 21-month tracks
Location Adelaide
Professional Work Experience Required for 12-Month Track
Internship Required for 21-Month Track
Intakes August, January

MISM Global 21-Month Track

Duration 21 months full-time
Location Adelaide and Pittsburgh
Professional Work Experience Not required
Internship Required
Intakes August, January