MSIT-ITM (Information Security Specialisation)

Master of Science in Information Technology - Information Technology Management (Information Security Specialisation) 12-Month / 21- Month Track

Duration 12-month and 21-month tracks
Location Adelaide
Professional Work Experience Required for 12-Month Track
Internship Required for 21-Month Track
Intakes August, January

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Students studying in the Master of Science in Information Technology (Information Technology Management) (MSIT-ITM) program are able to undertake an Information Security Specialisation as part of their program.

The MSIT-ITM (Information Security Specialisation) focuses on the need to adapt to the changing intruder landscape and to gain deeper understanding of risk management, information security, and data privacy. It draws upon the expertise in research, operations and analysis from the world-famous CERT Coordination Center (CERT®/CC) located at Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute. Designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defence Education by the National Security Agency, Carnegie Mellon is uniquely qualified to provide such training.

Students studying the Information Security Specialisation graduate with a Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT-ITM) with a specialisation in Information Security.

Degree Structure

12-Month Track

The program comprises 144 units: 96 units of core courses, 42 Information Security courses and 6 units of electives.

Full-time students complete the program over three study periods (12 months). Part-time students have up to five years to complete their program, however most complete the program in two to three years.

For successful completion, you must complete the requisite coursework and achieve a cumulative quality point average (QPA) of at least 3.0.

21-Month Track

The program requires a total of 168 units: 108 units of core courses, 42 Information Security courses and 18 units of elective courses and 400 hours (approximately 10 - 12 weeks) internship. The combination of core courses and electives options to suit your career objectives, with real industry experiences through the Information Systems Project and Internship, will put you at a distinct advantage over other graduates.

Full-time students complete the program over five study periods (21 months).

For successful completion, you must complete the requisite coursework and internship, and achieve a cumulative quality point average (QPA) of at least 3.0

Course requirements for specialisation in Information Security

Students wishing to complete a specialisation in Information Security must complete the following 42 units of coursework:

  • 95-752 Introduction to Information Security Management - 12 units
  • 95-758 Network and Internet Security - 12 units
  • 95-748 Software and Security - 6 units
  • 95-755 Information Security Risk Management 1 - 6 units


At least 6 units from the following list:

  • 95-749 Cryptography - 6 units
  • 95-756 Information Security Risk Management 2 - 6 units
  • 95-889 Applied Threat Analysis - 12 units
  • 95-883 Ethical Penetration Testing - 6 units
  • 95-884 Network Defence - 6 units

Elective Courses

The electives below represent a selection of those that have been offered in the past. It is provided in order to give an indication of the type of electives that may be available in the future. However, this part of the syllabus is constantly evolving and students need to be guided by the list of the current electives shown in the course schedule. Elective courses will be offered in a variety of areas related to the technology and business of information and communication technology. These courses will be offered by resident faculty as well as by faculty from other CMU campuses through short-term visits and distance learning.

Code Course Units
95-702 Distributed Systems 12
94-802 Geographic Information Systems 12
94-804 Transformational Leadership 6
91-843 Power And Influence 6
95-710 Economic Analysis 6
95-760 Decision Making Under Uncertainty 6

Internships and Career Outcomes

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Entry Requirements

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Fees and Scholarships

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Pittsburgh Exchange

An exchange in Pittsburgh will enable you to continue your rigorous professional development while pursuing complementary courses within the broader context of Carnegie Mellon University and Heinz College.

Students enrolled in our 21-month MSIT and MSPPM programs may participate in the exchange program for one study period but must spend their first and last study periods in Adelaide.

To be eligible, you must be in good financial standing with the university and have a cumulative QPA of 3.3 or higher.

Other Related Information

International students enrolled in the 21-month track may be eligible to apply for the Post Study Work Visa after completion of their degree.

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