Michel Basister

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management
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Mr. Michel Basister is the Education Program Specialist for the Human Resources Section for the Department of Education in Naga City and part-time Assistant Professor II, School of Graduate Studies, University of Nueva Careres, Naga City. He has a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in Mathematics from the Bicol University College of Education and holds two post graduate degrees in education and public management. He also spent 18 months at Hiroshima University in Japan for the Teacher Training Program under the Monbukagakusho Scholarship Program.

While Michel’s undergraduate and post-graduate study have given him the strong background in the fundamentals of various research and practices in the field of education and public service delivery, he felt he needed to undertake further study as a professional lecturer and practitioner in these fields.

I’ve enrolled at CMU-A so as to enrich my skills and broaden my knowledge in policy development, education and management in the government service. It’s important for me to keep developing professionally.

“CMU-A is a prestigious University with an outstanding reputation and world university ranking in terms of public policy and management programs. Importantly, what I learn at CMU-A I will be able to share with colleagues, peers and students, thus helping my fellow Filipinos.

“My desire is to become one of the leaders in this field and implement reforms to uplift the quality of education services being offered to the future generations of my country”, said Michel