Alumni Successes

Our vibrant community consists of students from over 28 countries and cultures, creating a unique and rewarding experience for students.  Find out why they have chosen to study their program with us and what their experiences are like living, studying and working in Adelaide. Here are just some of their stories.

Alvaro Cedeno

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management alumnus, Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the WTO

"Carnegie Mellon University Australia filled me up with an endless source of courage. In one year, the institution honed my leadership skills to a level unimaginable before I started. Carnegie Mellon gave me the sense of responsibility about how and why to better put skills I have developed to use. I thought I knew what I was going after, but I came out with so much more. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, CMU has given me great confidence to follow a course of action grounded on the urgency to transform global conflicts through leadership and innovation."

Anuj Chopra

Technology Advisory Manager, BDO Sydney (Master of Science in Information Technology Alumnus)

Carnegie Mellon University has completely opened up the telecom and finance domains for me and demonstrated how IT helps businesses in these domains. After six months into the course, it is clearly visible to me that it will prepare me for Chief Information Officer positions in the future.

Achmad Syaiful Mujab

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management alumnus, Settlement Supervisor, Special Investment Unit under Directorate General Treasury

"If you are considering public policy or IT, Carnegie Mellon University is definitely the best choice.  The programs include subjects that are useful to enhance your skills within a relatively short time frame."

Adriana Espejo

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management alumnus, Manager, Coffey International Development

"Colombian Masters Student Adriana Espejo is studying with one goal in mind – learn how to make decisions that benefit society as a whole.

Adriana left her hometown of Bogota, and job as a Tax Consultant with Deloitte, over a year ago to pursue the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM) program at Carnegie Mellon’s Adelaide campus.

“I have always been interested in development and finding a way to help the Colombian people, especially those in Bogota” Adriana says.

“Bogota is a city full of diversity, culture and opportunities, but it has been growing very fast.”

“We are 7.5 million people from every region in Colombia. Many people have migrated to Bogota due to internal conflict and that is creating many challenges in terms of social and economic development.”

Adriana says undertaking the Masters program will help her to address such challenges.

“The MSPPM has a practical focus with a strong theoretical framework. The combination of public policy and management has given me a very broad vision which will allow me to apply my skills in many contexts,” Adriana says.  

“I think I am equipped with the necessary tools which will allow me to perform in the public as well as in the private sector with a strong emphasis on the community,” she says.

“I hope to work in positions where I am able to make decisions, because I consider I have all the capacity and willingness to work for the common welfare.”

Adriana hopes to spend some more time in Australia undertaking work experience after she graduates, before heading back home to Bogota.  

“Currently I am working with Coffey International Development and it has been a wonderful experience. But I do not forget Colombia,” she says.  

“I will continue learning to be even more prepared to help my country.” 

Boom Enriquez

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management alumnus, Head of Communications & Media Affairs at Office of the Vice President of the Philippines

“It has been a trans-formative experience for me to be awarded with an Australia Award scholarship, live in Adelaide for a year and to be able to study in Carnegie Mellon University in Australia, one of the top American universities in the world.

CMU offered what I needed and wanted at this point in my life, an opportunity to take a master's degree for only a year, which is world-class, up to date and comprehensive in content and instruction.  I wanted to study the best practices in both American and Australian public policy.  CMU-A is not for the faint of heart; if you want to undergo world-class education, a rigorous training, development of self-leadership and character, and a meaningful master's experience, then go for it!  The world will be your oyster after giving everything for a CMU degree."

Jai Girdhar

MSIT Alumnus shares his life and study experience in Australia

Linh Nguyen

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management alumnus, PhD Researcher, University of Wollongong

"I chose to study at Carnegie Mellon University Australia because it offers the course for public sector, which is of my interest. Although the campus is small, it is well-equipped with the best facilities. Besides, unlike other universities, Carnegie Mellon University Australia, with a very limited number of students, makes the interaction between professors and students as well as among students becomes more effective.

It is like having a big family here.

Everyone remembers my name, greeting me every morning and taking good care of me."

Pablo Javier Larrimbe

Master of Science in Information Technology alumnus, Corporate Operations Engineer, Google London

Sara Li

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (Global) alumnus

Teck Jan Low

MSIT Alumnus - Senior Consultant – EY C3, Australia

Vivek Arora

Master of Science in Information Technology alumnus, Associate Manager - Global Marketing and Engagement, CMU Australia

Xi 'Grace' Zhu

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management alumnus, Assistant Investment Manager, Prudential Fosun Life Insurance

The community is very diverse - we have students from the States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Argentina, China, South Asia and Africa. During the discussions in our policy class we often hear first-hand information about these countries. The diverse perspectives have given me a lot of enlightenment.