Career Services

Carnegie Mellon University in Australia provides its students with careers counselling and professional coaching services to assist students and alumni to progress their careers. Available 8.30 am - 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Services include:

  1. Job search assistance, including review of resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, and salary negotiation discussions. Please contact Career Services in your first semester to arrange this;
  2. Workshops on a variety of job search skills, including resume writing, interviewing, negotiating job offers, business etiquette, and case interviews;
  3. Networking events and on-campus presentations and interviews. As approximately 70% of jobs are filled without being advertised, attending these events can be crucial;
  4. Our alumni can share their perspectives not only on their current industry or employer, but also the adjustments needed to transition from university to the workplace. Contact Career Services for information on contacting alumni.

Career Outcomes

2015 MSIT Graduates

Mean salaryAUD 79,300
Median salaryAUD 75,000
Minimum salaryAUD 53,000
Maximum salaryAUD 110,000

2015 MSPPM Graduates

Mean salaryAUD 93,300
Median salaryAUD 100,000
Minimum salaryAUD 64,133
Maximum salaryAUD 116,000

2016 MISM Global Graduates

Mean salaryUSD 103,860
Median salaryUSD 105,000
Minimum salaryUSD 70,000
Maximum salaryUSD 130,000

Note : Figures are based on reported salaries from graduates. The top of the salary range may reflect graduates who have years of work experience .